Project Background

The main aim of the Tempus programme is to support the modernisation of higher education in partner countries outside the European Union whilst taking into account that the higher education systems of the partner countries operate in different realities and are based on a variety of historical traditions. Some similarities can be found between the higher education systems in certain regions, but each country has its own features and ambitions.Universities are places of knowledge production, and the economy and society are the users of this knowledge. Universities in general are therefore seen as playing an essential role in strengthening the economic competitiveness of a region. It is therefore important to promote the enhanced knowledge transfer between universities, the business world and society at large. Investments in higher education have also a lasting positive effect on the employability of the population. Besides the development of human resources, a good tertiary education at the university locations results in an increased interest in investments by local as well as international companies and thus contributes to the securing and the development of business locations.

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