Step by Step for Career - Creating a Career Educational Materials

Background (problems):

  • Young professionals need more job skills than ever before. Training is the key to learning new skills which can lead them improvingtheir career, starting own business orfinding wanted job.
  • University of Novi Sad has more than 45.000 students and they are very interested in career workshops. In Career center there is a lack of career advisers so these workshops have been done by trained volunteers. Therefore, the quality is not unified. Also there aren’t enoughof workshops and consequently not all the interested students can attend them.

Aim of the project:

Creating career educational materials for students of University of Novi Sad that will consist of most important subjects like: preparing CV and motivational letter, active job search, job interview skills, assertiveness... Materials would cover topics from workshops that are done in Career Centre so all the students who weren’t at the workshops could go trough these subjects. Materials would be published on Career Centre’s website.


Trough academic education students don’t get all the needed soft  and career skills like preparing CV, interview job skills, public speech, communication and conflicts, etc. The career materials will be published on web site of Career Centre so all the interested students could go through them.


  1. Creation of the pilot project team and delivering particular assignments
  2. Analysis of the current materials and needs for new ones
  3. Analysis of students needs on career topics
  4. Defining the contents that will be covered
  5. Text writing
  6. Evaluation
  7. Promotion of the career educational materials at University.


  • Career educational materials will be developed and published on the web site of Career center. The materials will be prepared by experts in specific domains.