Project Description

INTERFACE aims at achieving the following 5 specific objectives:

  1. Enhancing the employability of university graduates;
  2. Ensuring LLL and on the job training for academics;
  3. Fostering transfer and multiplication of academic knowledge to society;
  4. Combating brain drain; and
  5. Setting up a continuous learning and quality improvement system for universities.

These specific objectives will be achieved through the following three major steps:

  1. The necessary structures and capacities at the PCUs in order to achieve these objectives will be identified and developed through knowledge transfer.
  2. Interface Centers (IC) dealing with career counseling, LLL and alumni activities will be established at each PCU.
  3. Pilot projects dealing with either career counseling, LLL or alumni activities will be conducted at each IC.

The project will contribute to ensuring that the targeted Universities (PCU) are able to facilitate the graduates’ entrance into the labor market through enhanced partnerships with enterprises; to set up an institutionalized Life Long Learning (LLL) system, and to establish a quality improvement system through coordinated contact with alumni.